All the Carbs in Marbs……

The final goodbye at the airport with one member missing already.

The final goodbye at the airport with one member missing already.
The final goodbye at the airport with one member missing already.

I sit staring down the barrel of the gun as I wait for my aeroplane from Malaga to take flight home to Scotland. The bright lights narrow on the runaway and blur as I recap my awesome trip, Iv spent 5 days at Mikes Gym in Marbella, Crossfit Mijas. Surrounded by athletes, fitness professionals, like minded friends and many trying to bring something unique to our industry. To say I felt at home & inspired wouldn’t even nearly give justice to my feelings of the atmosphere and vibe created by the company around me and the surroundings we settled into in this short time.

I return home feeling focused, inspired, well fuelled, and a little fatigued. With a few training PB’s under my belt from the trip and a couple temporary bruises and scrapes though I really got off lightly in comparison to one of our knowledgable nutritionists Simon Herbert with an outstanding injury record tallied over the days. Simon may well be the only man to chalk his face before he lifts πŸ˜‚ and wear a helmet while he swims πŸ™ˆ

Being the only female on this training retreat I had to hold fast to a more vivacious approach to my days training and down time and my general attitude in order to at least track pace of my male team mates. There’s no greater incentive to succeed than the (probably unwarranted) belief you may be considered the weak link (it’s an ovaries thing apparently) . Que, Fast pace , game face, no tears me. An all male environment is something I sit with daily and theres no reason not to embrace the challenge of competing against the testosterone driven species. Grit can be gained here from lose and confidence from a successful challenge. I was All in All of the time, lip gloss and lifters at the ready.

I met some seriously driven individuals including “The lean machines”, John and Leon , a dream team pair of Youtubers smashing stellar information out for fun on the daily. These guys were thirsty to learn about all things crossfit and happy to return knowledge of media, the fitness industry and their message of eat well, move better and feel awesome. With absolutely no ego, open minds and a new set of lifters each I watched as they thrived on the atmosphere of friendly competition and I smiled as they excelled in their own performances and the new skills they learnt and perfected being coached along by Zack George and Sam pullen my fellow crossfit partners. So many of us will have taken away from this camp much more than just a few banked workouts, an average tan and a love for Spanish donuts. We lived together, trained together, chilled together, grew together and laughed most hours.

Zack George is formidable, fast, strong, focused and fearless. He poses a threat to every workout he faces. He has that ON switch many athletes prey to find deep in their workings and he isn’t afraid to grab it by the biscuits and press it, it near broke a few of the guys on a few seasons, highlights being that of a hellish skierg marathon πŸ˜‚ . I’m sure I heard John shout “Why you do this Zack?”

Sam Pullen is ridiculously driven, he’s a tank with an engine to admire. All the spirit of 10 men and techniques to boot. Sam has a serious body weight/power ratio ! He may be one of the most genuine guys Iv ever met too, a great attitude to life and training and a very knowledgable coach. He’s everything you would want an athlete to be and one that will be remembered when he makes the big stage.

During this trip the team behind it all Jack coomber and Olivier walkes debuted skills with seriously heavy lifts and bro sessions ☺️ embracing each workout we scribbled on the board and every count down timer we set, both a part of the awesome supplements team they kept us fuelled and fired with everything we needed pre/during and post these sessions. Thanks guys, it really was awesome to spend that time with you.

My nutritionist Carl greenslade “happened” to be one this retreat πŸ˜‚ and it made life so much easier having him make protein treats AND then seeing him deep throat a donut !! Thank god, he is human after all and I threw my shake down my neck and then followed suit! The calories don’t count when you split them with your nutritionist FACT. He watched me train, adjusted my meals and threw extra at me when he heard my hangry voice sliding into conversation. He is sharp and applied and a very valuable member in my artillery of supporters.

The star of this show had to be Mike himself, the master in command of the whole works. This place is incredible … name something you want to train with, use, lift, climb, jump, swim, ride, catch, hit, pull and push … it’s here and I’m not kidding. A massive gym space with various areas to lift, train and sweat including a boxing / fighting paradise, a HUGE outdoor obstacle course, a combat zone, a bunch of platforms, rigs, bars, balls, boxes, bikes … all built and expertly ran by mike and his team. His “Unique” handling of athletes has inspired me to take a more direct attitude to a few of my clients. We awoke daily to Mike affectionately shouting down the line of cabins (brace yourself this is explicit but very true) “Get Up You C**TS” spoken in a very very English accent with a smile on his face and an ambition to instil effort into everything we do. He’s a legend. He an athlete and a machine and he doesn’t F**k about which is handy really as that’s actually the motto of his gym, plastered everywhere on everything are a million stickers : Don’t f**k about, Do it like you mean it! I take home 1 massive sticker for the gym wall, that’s a score!


Awesome supplements gave us all this opportunity to focus on our bodies and our minds, in a beautiful place with exceptional professionals and people. Drowning out the external noise of life I seen a clearer vision of success and it resonated with my inner competitor. It blows my mind to think I was apart of this experience and earnt my place along side these guys.

Touchdown ….. Home to continue progress on my journey to reaching my potential, one step closer and 8 friends richer.

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