Beauty Secrets of a Crossfit Girl


β€œIv found a few things that seem to really really work for me. My skin, hair, hands and ultimately, my smile”


GIRLS !!! It’s hard enough maintaining clear skin, strong nails , fresh eyes and healthy hair at the best of times, I know you know what I mean. Couple the stresses of life and the ever changing environmental climates with long days/weeks in a sweaty exercise facility with rubber matting, chalk clouds and a hands on approach to life …. We dont really stand a chance !! Or do we ?

With the changing weather around here (Scotland) comes hot and cold flushes in the box and even though I may not be sweating my face ends up clammy and sticky. We run on average 8 classes a day here at FFD Crossfit and by end of play I feel and look a bit dishevelled πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

My skin often breaks out, worse in summer with the humidity. My hair frizzes (similar to extreme bed head meets electricity) my hands were a mess , pitted with holes and rough patches , battle scars and wounds not to mention my nails πŸ™ƒ I’ve always been a fan of pretty nails and nice paints but regular polish just crumbles with training and working in these environments.

So , piecing myself back together , one bit at a time Iv found a few things that seem to really really work for me. My skin, hair, hands and ultimately, my smile πŸ™‚

Number One. 1
My skin : I wash my face post mid-day training session, minimising the dirt on my skin but not over cleaning my face and washing away my essential oils etc …

I use St Ives apricot face scrub each morning and evening in the shower and once or twice a week I use LORΓ‰AL skin expert Pure Clay face mask. I moisturise 3-4 times a week with Olay because my mum swears by it and she looks great with it. I don’t really use anything fancy or expensive, as long as my face is cleansed and moisturised it stays clear and in healthy condition. I would like to find a BB cream for daily use … any suggestions ?

Number two. 2
My Hair – my hydration really really helps this, along with taking Daily dose vitamins and minerals. I do occasionally (maybe once a month) use Moroccan Argan oil to replenish the Moisture in my hair . I drink 3L of water a day most days. On another note – I don’t use heat on my hair, really ever. I wash my hair twice a week with John Frida Curly shampoo and conditioner and then I leave it wet and all crinkled up for bed. I just sleep it dry 😊 when I get up it’s a giant bush of wrinkles , crinkles and curls and Iv been told it’s in great condition.


Number three. 3
My hands – I’m not just a coach, I’m also a sports physio so it’s important that my hands stay in good condition and are able to withstand my training and my career.

I file down rough skin and callus each week with a Scholl rough skin remover usually on a Sunday when I’m day dreaming out the window. I use a little razor to take the worst off, the rig can be unforgiving when your programmed 100 Chest to Bar πŸ™ƒ. I have “Tear Care” for rehydrating and repairing my skin if and when I need it but I never really let it get as bad. I care for my hands most days , keeping them clean and clear.

I have my nails painted with Shellac or Gel polish, I do like the colours but it’s more so to keep my nails strong and protected. I wash my hands a lot between clients and classes and coaching and then with Lifting and hanging from bars, walking on my hands and then swimming and running my nails take a beating. I find it helps them grow and it prevents than breaking as well as allows me to feel a little more well kept.

Number four. 4
My nutrition – I have a well balanced diet of carbohydrates protein and fats, my calories are between 2500-3250 depending on the season I’m in and I always have vegetables and good fats in my meals. I take a daily supplement to support my body during my tough training. It’s called daily dose and it’s by Awesome supplements. It supports optimal health and well-being with a blend of fish oils, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, calcium and vitamins A, C, D, E + K. It keeps me Awesome every day !


Number Five: 5
SLEEEEEEEP !!! I can’t get enough !
I often train early and late and over the quiet period of my usually ridiculously busy day (between 1-3pm) I will have an hours sleep. Iv noticed a huge difference in my recovery particularly, my skin and my energy adding in the occasional little nap. It’s not every day , maybe 2 a week , but it’s the secret to juggling a busy work schedule and training diary. If I had the opportunity to become a full time professional Crossfit athlete I would add in a recovery sleep every day because I personally value it far more than an extra training session or meal for my own development.

Young sleeping woman and alarm clock in bedroom at home .

I love to share my thoughts and ideas with you all and encourage you to leave your own below. Try out a few of these beauty secrets and see if they help you too.

Shel Xx