Are You Motivated By The Music ?


“There’s a place beyond the whiteboard where the real athletes are made “

At what point do you stop relying on the music , your coach , the competition , the crowd and the time to beat and just start self motivating ? Having seen such success and failure, the quitters mindset and the winners drive, I question you, who and what are you ?

Why do you set up your Barbell ? Why do you sit and calculate your percentages ? Why do you come back everyday ? It’s not because it’s easy , that’s for sure!

Is it to beat the man you sit beside ? To proudly display your better time ? To prove to others you are superior ? Accepted ? Part of the team ? Or is it to actually prove something to yourself ? Don’t get me wrong, None of this are negatives, but are they the winning formulae for the success you seek ?

Ask yourself this ….

Are you here for yourself ? Is it all about the social acceptance and the family we create around you ? Is this for a better you ? A better tomorrow and a brighter healthier life ? … or

Are you only Motivate by the music ?

There’s a seriously dark place beyond the whiteboard where athletes are made, this place isn’t inviting, it isn’t pleasant and no one wants to stay for very long…. but athletes come here for one purpose, to break the mould, to build the foundations of a winner and to be the very best version of themselves. No pain .. and all that.

Here’s the truth about that though ..

If you can’t actually take yourself  there purely by your own desire to better yourself for yourself, if you don’t actually have that ON switch … then you’re not much threat to those who do .

The really dangerous athletes are the ones who can walk themselves to this place, sit them selves in the darkness and accept the fate they bestow upon themselves for as long as it is necessary.

No music

No crowd

No time to beat

No opponent

No praise

Twisted by design and a little sadistic.

It’s Me Against Me ….

and that makes me dangerous….