You Are Not Obsessed.

img_6519” Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated”

Head down, eyes forward. Own what you have worked for.

As I travel on yet another trip to chase my rainbow I’m sent various messages regarding my choice to compete whilst my knee is less than perfect (though I will say my diligence to rehabilitation has proven effective so far and I have come far on my road to recovery physically, not yet mentally)…. and it gets my mind on drive.

How often do you justify your dedication to your lifestyle ? How often are you told it’s merely fitness ? How often are you judged for your desire to train and excel in a sport ? Your constant and unwavering focus towards your body, it’s ability and your ambition to constantly improve ? Daily, weekly ,monthly…. it’s unnecessary. Stop. Now.

I refuse to apologise for seeking a better future and a better form of myself. I refuse to be ashamed of what I can do and how I look, I am proud. Our bodies are designed to adapt to our external stimulus and the environment around us, this is true in both directional planes…. If you choose to sit sedentary for hours, never choose to challenge your body or your mind, eat less than nutritious foods and never challenge your heart, lungs, muscles or movements your body will adjust to this energy/skill demand and functional requirement. So I choose to wake early to challenge myself both physically and mentally, some days it’s emotionally too. I challenge my mind reading and writing about my passion, my body with varied movements, constantly changing weights I use, heights I scale, things I throw, places I visit and the duration of my training. I challenge this vessel I have to its limits to constantly feel alive and constantly increase the realms of human possibilities. Am I obsessed ?

You work a daily job to create a stream of income to support your life. A home and a car don’t come cheap so you work most days each week, this would be enough for some as far as daily routine would go … but not you, you turn up to the 6:30am class and you workout to ensure your body and mind stay young, able and useful. You are not Obsessed you are FOCUSED.


You have a friends birthday his weekend and you plan to have a drink or 2, this would be an open invite to get leathered and sleep off your Sunday without purpose … but, for you it’s a chance to see friends socially and use your day away from the office to work on your core stability and increase your power potential for the lifts your hoping to obtain. You meet your fitness family early Saturday and Sunday for a few extra sessions and still mange to live your life, looking and feeling great. You are not Obsessed you are DRIVEN.

It’s meal time again and your phone alarm goes off to remind you of it, your organised and so your meals are prepared, balanced and nutrition because you know you get out what you put into your machine. Being hungry and unprepared is the perfect excuse to grab a quick sandwich and packet of crisps, potentially a sweet treat too, you know yourself well enough to know that this is exactly what you would do and so you spend and extra 15 minutes in the evening packing a box with your salmon, asparagus and quinoa salad, loading 2 scoops of your banana protein into a shaker and squeezing a packet of nuts into your work case. You are not Obsessed your are PREPARED.

You plan your week around your training, following a programme to the dotted line to ensure you challenge various elements of your body’s capacity. This can perhaps limit your ability to participate in social circles however, there are long term and short term goals to be obtained and you are willing to except the process. Goals are set up be met. You are not Obsessed you are WILLING.

You choose not to succum to injury and you choose not to admit defeat in the face of adversity. You could easily walk away with your current achievements and you could easily take your seat on the panel of the previous…. but you won’t, and you don’t. You set your daily routine around your requirements and you loving support your own rehabilitation, you care for your body and its ailments alone with diligence and mindfulness because you know, you know this is only the beginning and this is an opportunity. Do not wavy and do not faulter. Except the challenge to train through discomfort knowing your own body, except the challenge to know your mind. Grit is not given. You are not Obsessed, you are EXCEPTIONAL.

Each and every time you are questioned. Each and every time you begin to explain yourself, your goals , your ambition and your focus remember this ;

You owe them nothing. Your goals are only to be achieved by your hard work and dedication. This world isn’t for everyone and these choices are not for the average, the soft minded and the lazy. They are for the one FOCUSED. DRIVEN. PREPARED. WILLING & EXCEPTIONAL.

You are not Obsessed, you are Inspirational.