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Complete Phyzique is a complete sports specialist physical service offering a holistic approach to athletic and sporting performance and muscular care from beginners to elite athletic development with exercise prescription and programming to physical analysis and biomechanical correction. We also offer service for sports injury care with a Pre-Hab to Re-Hab clinic, sports massage, muscular release, support work and strapping an K-taping for exercise potential and injury management . We offer nutritional planning and a personal training service on both a 1-1 basis and in a group class arrangement. With a Masters in human physiology , First class honours in the science of exercise, sports nutrition and elite development, qualifications in sports therapy, massage and injury care of physiology based parameters we are equipped to care for all individuals on a one to one basis and WE WILL help you reach your personal potential what ever your requirements in exercise and lifestyle.

About Sheli McCoy

Complete Phyzique CEO Sheli McCoy

Sheli McCoy the Owner and Director of Complete Phyzique has a wealth of knowledge and accreditation within the fitness and health industry. Carrying a Masters in human physiology, a first class honours degree in science of exercise, sports nutrition and elite development, sports massage qualifications , numerous certificates for injury rehabilitation assessment , prescription and programming as well as being a Certified Personal Training registered with REPS, a CrossFit Coach and a Olympic Weight lifting coach she is more that equipped to work with beginners up to elite level athletes on all things health and fitness related.

Sheli is herself a competitive CrossFit athlete giving her a personal understanding of the application of nutrition, mobility, performance and injury care. If you wish to follow her through her training and competitions find her on Instagram @Cfsheli